Astra Crimson

Old lady backstab

Name: Astra Crimson Alias(es): Kilsa Gender: Female
Age: 60 Height: 5’4" Weight: You never ask a lady
Race: Human Career: Rouge Trader Ship Role:
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
41 40 34 30 41 41 37 35 52
Wounds Fate Points Insanity Corruption
11 3 2 0
Skill Bonus Skill Bonus
Sleight of Hand +0 Diplomacy +0
Tech Use +0 Commerce +0
Common Lore(Imperium) +0 Linguistics (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Hive Dialect) +0
Scholastic Lore (Legend) +0 Parry +0
Awarness 1/2 Dodge 1/2
Athletics 1/2 Intimidate 1/2
Deceive 1/2 Stealth 1/2

-10 to Survival
+1 Initative
+1 profit Factor
Can run in crowds
Rival (Nobility)
Enemy (Underworld)
Talented (Sleight of Hand)
Air of Authority
Melee Proficiency (Primitive, Shocking)
Ranged Proficiency (Pistol, SP, Las)
One battered wedding ring (charm)
Shock Staff (poor)
Shock Net



Astra was merely one of many born on a Hiveworld. Used to blending in and being unnoticed, there were really only two paths for someone like her. Either become a rank and file member of society or to try to break out any way she could. She chose the latter. In her youth she joined a gang, more silver tongue and pretty face then she was breaking kneecaps. However, it worked well enough, she could sidle up and smile while picking pockets, which came in handy more often then one thought. She grew a reputation for being a magnetic personality, getting a small group of followers that even under the gang were more loyal to her then to their superiors. She always did better with people surrounding her. She wasn’t the strongest, so she found those that were.

The gang grew, moving from street level antics to more organized crime. Still nothing more then a small fish in an immense pond, they ended up picking fights with much bigger sharks. This didn’t end well. Astra’s only real choice was to defect to the shark, keeping herself safe but leading to her former gang getting all but destroyed. It was not exactly as easy as all that, and she didn’t like that she had to do it, but she was keenly aware that trying to reach high could lead to the most painful of crashes back down to earth. Her goal was never to fall.

In this new gang, their needs were more complicated, so she found herself often getting close to people for information. It was during one of these missions that she found Egil Crimson. A very sweet, but naive accountant, he was probably the easiest mark she ever found. She fed information back to her gang, but fell for him hard. For a time it wasn’t complicated, she kept lying to him, but otherwise they started a romance. She would be moved to other projects, but kept in touch, lying all the while. Eventually it ate her up enough that she couldn’t lie, but by that time she had actually married him and had a kid. Complicated life. He had to call for cops, she had to leave the planet on the first ship headed out. Which would have worked out fine, if she hadn’t been picked up on the next planet over for trying to rob a joint because she didn’t have money.

Trying to avoid prison time she offered to be a snitch, for whatever. If they needed a inside girl, she could probably manage it. They accepted, needing a little help with the local drug ring. She helped them out, but what came to light ended up making the local Dynasty look bad. For bonus points, she was rewarded enough for the work that they started to see it as an upstart trying to get her own warrant and the like. So she skipped to another planet. It was far easier to do that then deal with it, so now she had skipped twice for opposite reasons. Once for doing good, the other for helping out. At this point she tried to get back home to see her husband and kid, but that was just trouble waiting to happen. Long story short, Egil ended up dead, and she had to bail out with a kid and never return. Apparently her do good husband’s little call had lead to a little more fallout then just her. Go figure.

As for her son, it was going to be hard to keep him fed. Most of the work she was fit for was not the sort you could bring a kid along to. So she basically set all the money she could up for him to get food and an education without her, and took any work she could away from him. She’d send messages back when she could, but off world work wasn’t exactly the easiest on the ability to send messages.


Astra Crimson

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