Delivering death is a business just like any other. It has customers, employees, and victims. So why not take control of the arrangement and make money from it? The Assassin is the hired gun that waits in the shadows for the time to strike. Cold and calculated, they lie in wait for their prey before pouncing with vicious weapons and poisons. Where the Arch-Militant has supreme firepower and fortitude and the Mercenary has brute strength, Assassins use their agility and their cunning to achieve the upper hand. Combined with their unrelenting assaults upon their mark, they can make a powerful ally or a foe worth worrying about.

Starting Skills:
Same as book, but swap all Lore with your own choices.

Starting Talents:
Decadence, Resistance (Poisons), Melee Proficiency (Primitive), Ranged Proficiency (Pistol, Basic, SP, Las)

Starting Equipment:
Good Quality Mono-Knife
A Pistol of worth up to 80$$ and Scarce Availability.
A Basic weapon of worth up to 100$$ and Scarce Availability.
One of the above weapons may have the Compact upgrade for free.
Common Quality Synskin and Chameleoline Cloak or Flak Jacket
A Charm, some normally insignificant thing that the character holds important
Microbead, Good Quality Dataslate (text), Best Quality Injector, two doses of Slaught, Spur, or Stimm, set of Street Clothes, Silencer, 4d5 x 5 $$

Career Ability
An Assassin gains an extra degree of success on any successful Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth test. On any single target attack, an Assassin can spend one Fate Point to gain a +5 bonus to hit their target and the first hit deals an extra 1d5 damage.


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