Career Modifications

With this different setting focusing on a much more expansive version of the Imperium, the Careers available to each race is going to be expanded upon greatly. This way, most any race can fit a particular role, which makes sense as each race interacts with eachother and are taken out of their traditional roles. Though each Playable Race page has a list of which Careers that race cannot take and the alterations to the ones they can for fluff reasons, a general list of what each race can take will be provided here.


Rogue Trader, Archmilitant, Psyker, Explorator, Missionary, Navigator, Seneschal, Void Master, Mercenary, Assassin


Rogue Trader, Navigator, Seneschal, Void Master, Mercenary, Assassin


Freebooter, Weirdboy


Rogue Trader, Archmilitant, Psyker, Seneschal, Void Master, Mercenary, Assassin


Rogue Trade, Archmilitant, Explorator, Seneschal, Void Master, Assassin

Alternate Careers

Most Alternate Careers are left unchanged: regardless of race, if you meet the prerequisites, you can take it. But, there are a few that still have certain requirements:

  • Ork Mekboy and Ork Kommando – Both of these Alternate Careers can only be taken by Ork.
  • Kroot Shaper – This Alternate Career can only be taken by a Kroot.
  • Gland Warrior – This Alternate Career can only be taken by Human and Tau with the Career of Archmilitant, Assassin, or Mercenary.
  • House Operative – This Alternate Career cannot be taken by Rogue Traders or Orks.
  • Acolyte of Abraxis – This Alternate Career can only be taken by Humans.
  • Awakened Psyker – This Alternate Career is only available to Humans.
  • Psykalis Warder – This Alternate Career is only available to Humans.
  • Tau cannot take any Elite Advance having to do with a Psyrating.

More things will be added to this list as they occur.

Starting Career Alterations

With the focus on a lower monetary level and a non-combat encounters, every Career will be having it’s starting equipment and proficiencies changed. And with trying to give players more freedom of choice and having more Careers to choose from, certain abilities are going to be moved, removed, and added on to careers. They will be listed on their own respective pages:

Arch-Militant Assassin Explorator Freebooter
Mercenary Missionary Navigator Psyker
Rogue Trader Seneschal Void Master Weirdboy

Unless stated otherwise, each character starts with 3 clips or 12 rounds (whichever is more) of ammo for each weapon in their starting gear. In the case of an Eldar player, their starting equipment is made for Eldar. With the changes to the Knowledge skills, each character can choose what their starting knowledge skills apply to and gain one additional knowledge skill of their choice. This isn’t to say that those listed are poor choices as they most likely have to do with the Career they are applied to, but if someone wants to have their character not have learned certain things as part of their backstory, then that is fine.

Career Modifications

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