Eldar Exodites

Like any sentient race, the Eldar have internal conflicts. Before the Great Scream, many Eldar had realized that their race was on a path to ruin. They argued that the sloth and depravity that they had fallen into would cause terrible things. Seeing as the majority of their race decided to ignore their pleas, these Eldar gathered up their belongings and left on mass exodus. Shortly after, the Great Scream occured and Slaanesh was born, killing off a majority of their species that had not left.

These Eldar that left are known as Exodites. They traveled away from their complacent brethren and decided to settle on planets and live self sufficient lives. Once settled, they rarely left their new home system, they lost the ability to sing and shape wraithbone, but they were happy, content with their farming.

Many, many generations passed, but the Exodites kept living. Eventually the Imperium stumbled upon them in many places, including the Koronus Frontier. Out in the Frontier, they were mostly left alone to live out their lives. With the recent expansion of the Imperium’s borders, though, this was not the case. They were approached by ambassadors from the Imperium and talks were held. Eventually a deal was struck that brought them into the arm of the Imperium’s allies. Many Eldar that are more attuned to the warp and want to keep good relations with the Imperium often become liaisons at a the Koronus Frontier’s Schola Psykana campus.

List of Exodite Worlds

Eldar Exodites

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