Elite Advances

Elite Advances are taken when a Skill or Talent is unfeasible to an Explorer of a given Rank or Career. These can even include certain Traits or abilities that aren’t even mentioned in any of the books. They are the player’s greatest asset at making their Explorer do exactly what they want.
To begin an Elite Advance, you must first talk with the GM. The GM will list off what it is you need to accomplish and the amount of xp that will need to be expended in order to gain the ability. These advances will also take a length of in-game time and possibly a series of checks, as your Explorer has to practice and act in a manner different from his normal routine. Here are some general guidelines for the experience point cost, time, and checks:

Skills and Talents in your Career, but at later Rank – For each rank till the Skill or Talent, increase the cost by 50 xp.

  • For Skills, the Explorer must make a series of tests requiring a total amount of degrees of success equal to 5x the number of ranks, each test being about a night’s worth of time, as if you had the skill. You can forgo a test night to study, gaining a cumulative +10 to the next test, to a max of +30.
    Example: If a Rogue Trader is Rank 2 and wishes to purchase Scholastic Lore (Legend) +10, a rank 7 skill, it will cost him a total of 450 xp, and he must accrue 25 degrees of success through studies.
  • For a Talent, it takes a week per rank in training time and/or a a number of successful tests equal to the number of ranks, each test being about a night’s worth of time, as if you had the Talent.
    Example: If a Navigator is Rank 3 and wishes to purchase Nerves of Steel, a rank 6 talent, it will cost him a total of 350 xp and he must spend 3 weeks practicing or possibly accrue a total of 3 successful Willpower tests through practice.

Skills and Talents outside your Career – To gain a Skill or Talent outside your Career it will cost much more experience, as it requires you to put more effort into learning it.

  • For Skills, it will depend on the Characteristic used by the skill. If it uses a main characteristic of your Career (the cheapest to advance), then it costs 300 xp, otherwise it costs 400 xp. It then also requires practice like above, though requiring a number of successes equal to 1/20th of the xp required.
    Example: If an Explorator wishes to purchase Charm, it will cost him 400 xp, as Fellowship is a tertiary skill for Explorators. It will also take 20 degrees of success through studying.
  • For Talents, it will be a bit more on a case by case scenario. If the Talent seems to be in line with the Career or how the Explorer is coming to be, than it will cost 750 xp and 7 weeks of training and/or 5 successful tests. If it seems to be a bit out of line for the Explorer or a fairly powerful Talent, this might change to 1000 xp, and 10 weeks/successes.
    Example: If an Archmilitant wishes to purchase the Dark Soul talent, it would most likely cost them 1000 xp and 10 weeks of training. But, if the Player in question had designed his Explorer around being one that is good at fending off warp entities, then it will most likely be reduced to 750 xp and 7 weeks.
    Special Case: Sorcery and its associated Talents follow their own set of rules for xp. The GM still must give approval to gain its uses.

Traits and other abilities – These are much more arbitrary in nature and are to be made and set out upon a case by case nature. As a general guideline, the cost will most likely be no less than 1000 xp and take months to fully develop.

  • Normally, an Explorer can only increase a characteristic by +20. Through an Elite Advancement, it is possible to go farther, but not by simply tacking on +5. Once an Explorer has purchased all of the advancements of a Characteristic, they may purchase ranks of Unnatural Characteristic. The advancement increases the cost by 500 xp at each rank of Unnatural Characteristic. So a main Characteristic is 1250 xp for the first rank, and then 1750 xp, 2250 xp, etc. For the secondary Characteristic, it starts at 1500 xp, then a cumulative 500 xp more. Tertiary Characteristic starts at 3000 xp, then a cumulative 500 xp more.
    Special Case: If the character already had an Unnatural Characteristic, via being a Xenos or a Cybernetic, these increases should be noted separately. An Ork buying an increase to Toughness for the 5th time will spend 1250 xp (750 + 500) and will increase his Unnatural Toughness from 3 to 4.
  • Traits can be added onto a character in a variety of fashions. Some of these can be done through mutations or cybernetics. If the trait you are looking for can be gained through the installation of a cybernetic, I will say that you need to get the cybernetic. Though if you want to, it is possible to leverage some amount of xp to be paid to reduce the acquisition modifier. It is also possible to gain the use of other, interesting abilities, like to create a cone of flame by spitting out alcohol through an open flame. If you wish to gain an ability like this, you must work with me to make it fairly balanced and will most likely have a minimum of 1500 xp requirement as well as months of time practicing and even 25 or so successful tests taken.
    Special Use: It is sometimes possible to gain use from the abilities you’re learning in a hectic situation. By spending a Fate Point, you count as having the Skill, Talent, or Trait you are training for, for one use. Any successes will apply to your training, any failures do not hinder your training.

Elite Advances

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