Halo's Radiance

The reach of the Adeptus Terra is greater than that of the Adeptus Ministorum in many ways. But there are many smaller organizations that still consider themselves part of the Ministorum though they act upon their own accord. One of these groups, the Halo’s Radiance, has traveled much farther than most members of the Adeptus Terra have gone, let alone the Ministorm. With the new influx of transports to the Frontier, they have begun to expand into the Frontier.

The main purpose of the Halo’s Radiance is to spread the teachings of Church of the Emperor to the societies that were lost during the Heresy. Besides this, they also help settle and bring up Frontier Worlds. Most of the work they do is done out of charity, any money they are donated goes only to food, transport, and upkeep of their various equipments.

One thing that does set the Radiance apart from other similar organizations is their willingness to go to the deadliest of worlds to spread their message. As such, many members are considered to be tough, resolute, good trackers, and hunters.

They do not have any sort of main leader or power hub in the Frontier.

Halo's Radiance

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