Humans are a medium aged race in the universe. They range from 1.6m to 2.5m tall on average, weighing 45kg to 136kg. Their skin and hair colours vary, from dark browns to pale tans and various reds, browns, blacks, and blondes. They hail from many different types of worlds, with Terra being the origin of their species. Humans have a variety of personality differences, from furious zealots to calm forward thinkers.

Human characters are created as the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook states.

Careers: Rogue Trader, Arch-Militant, Psyker, Explorator, Missionary, Navigator, Seneschal, Void Master, Mercenary, Assassin

Altered Careers:

  • Astropath Transcendent: Because of how the setting has changed, there are three different classifications of human psykers.
    Sanctioned Psyker are those that have gone through the Soul Binding process and excelled at the arts of telepathy at the Schola Psykana. They are then sent off to many different worlds to act as long range communications, sniffers to find and report newborn and Renegade Psykers, and to act as early warning systems for Warp disturbances. They are built following the standard rules for Astropath Transcendent.
    Renegade Psykers are those that have gone through the Soul Binding process and were later transferred to work with the Imperial Guard. Through some twist of fate, this once Sanctioned Psyker has either ran away or been cast from his original assignment. Enjoying his new found freedom, he heads for the Koronus Frontier, where laws and regulations are lax and Government Psykers are few at best from lack of funding. Though considered a criminal under Imperial Law, they try to live out their life the way they wish to. They are built following the standard rules for the Astropath Transcendent, but may instead start with any school and keep the Astrotelepathy power, and also begin with the Enemy(Schola Psykana) and Enemy(Arbites) talents.
    Unbound Psykers are those that are never found by the Schola Psykana, humans of pure psychic prowess. Though being a psyker, they went unnoticed and grew in power, surviving many different hardships. They are feared by all within the Imperium, respected only by those organizations of the unscrupulous kind. They build their character according to the Astropath Transcendent, but do not gain Soul-Bound to the Emperor. Instead, they gain Unbound and Unseen: The Psyker is an Unbound Psyker and gets a +20 on checks to mask their Psychic Presence. They also start with the talents Peer(Underworld) and Enemy(Schola Psykana) and have Forbidden Lore(Renegade Psykers) trained. For powers, they start with any discipline but do not get Astrotelepathy.


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