The Kroot are a race of avian-evolved humanoids from their home planet of Pech, within the Tau Empire. They stand 2.1m 2.8m meters tall and weigh about 50kg to 110kg. Traditionally, their skin is a leathery brown, with short, hollowed spines protruding from the backs of their heads. Their fingers are clawed and they sport large beaks. What is interesting about their physiology is that their DNA structure absorbs and changes with the food they consume. From this spawned the quirk of eating the enemies that they deem a worthy adversary, gaining some traits of the other species. This has caused their race as a whole to shift into many different kindreds, based on the adversaries that were consumed most. Coupled with their superior muscular structure, they are a very formidable race.

Psychologically, the Kroot are a very honorable and prideful race. They make useful mercenaries as they rarely break contracts. Wealth, fame, and courage is valued above all else. They also seem to be quite an adaptable race as well, quickly utilizing new technologies.

Under the rule of the Imperium, they are treated with almost as much respect as Humans, mostly because they first appeared as non-hostiles, simply people traveling through the stars. In the Koronus Frontier, they are allowed to own land, weapons, run businesses, vote on local matters, and have even colonized a few Deathworlds in the name of the Imperium.

Kroot characters construct their characters as per the rules listed in Into the Storm and all of the traits as grouped with the Kroot Mercenary career. If the player decides to take a career different from the Kroot Mercenary, they add one Weapon Training Talent of their choice at each even rank for 500xp, and can obtain a Kroot Racial Talent at the Rank after the corresponding Rank for Kroot Mercenary.

Careers: Rogue Trader, Navigator, Seneschal, Void Master, Mercenary, Assassin

Altered Careers:

  • Navigator→ Shaman: The Kroot treat their Psykers as the Shaman of their people, born into it from their powers. Once a Kroot has shown great aptitude in manipulating the Warp, they are given the mantle to become a Shaman. Many born with this power end up focusing more on spiritual life and leadership rather than the physical nature of their clan. These are taught to be the Guides of the hunt, looking through the ebb and flow of the Warp to hunt and hide. Though they do not grow a third eye, the Kroot Shaman can still see into the Warp and use powers like the Lidless Stare, using them much like an Evil Eye. Kroot Shaman often have one or two eyes of milky white or pitch black, though they do not lose sight. The names and themes of the houses are changed to fit the Kroot, but are otherwise unaffected.
    Nomadic Houses → Nomadic Kindred: This Shaman has been born on a Kroot Battlesphere, or other ship, and has stayed in space most of his life, as has his bloodline.
    Magisterial Houses → Pech Kindred: This Kindred prides itself with being able to trace their birthlines straight from Pech, mating only with those that they consider pure enough to the Pech bloodline.
    Shrouded Houses → Stalker Kindred: This Shaman’s Kindred follows the ideals of hiding and stalking their prey for the moment to strike. This has given the particular Kindred less renown, and many of their Shaman gain powers of insight along side their others.
    Renegade Houses → Bold Hunter Kindred: This Kindred knows what they want, and they take it. Through their generations they have consumed many different creatures to gain the wonderous traits from all of them. But, this has some instability in the structure of their Shaman. Though they are powerful, they are more prone to mutation.


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