Orks are a race of brutal, ruthless, and sometimes cunning warriors. They are very tough and resilient, able to survive most things that could kill a human outright. They are very simple minded and love combat, money, and booze. The standard Ork stands at about 1.7m to 2.3m tall, though they sometimes grow to 2.8m. Their weight averages at about 90kg to 170kg, but the larger ones can come out to be 250kg.

As refugees inside the Imperium, they are closely watched. If left unchecked, terrible things could occur. They pay taxes, work as mercenaries and muscle for higher, and are barely protected by the laws. They are allowed to own property, weapons, and jobs, though are not allowed to vote on laws and regulations, at least as the law says.

Orks are built in one of two ways, depending on whether they are a Freeboota or a Weird Boy. If they are a Freeboota, they follow the steps found in Into the Storm. If they are a Weird Boy, they follow the steps found in the Navis Primer.

Allowed Careers: Freebooter, Weirdboy


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