Skyborne Kindred

The Skyborne Kindred is one of the first to colonize a planet in the name of the Imperium. After the first of the Warp Gates had been established, they ventured off to find a Death World suitable to their needs. They found it in the form of a world full of rough, mountainous terrain and thick evergreen forests, now known as Upwind Prime. It has many different Kroot cities dotting it’s forests and the main Adeptus Arbites station on it’s largest mountain.

The reason the Skyborne chose this planet is because of one of it’s natural predators: large birds the size of a Maurader-Bomber, about 20m in length and a wingspan of 60m. They have become sacred animals that they reserve to hunt only for rites and rituals. When they first arrived, they hunted them to gain their qualities: immense power, speed, and courage. The kindred then evolved stronger, and started growing feathers of whites, browns, and reds from their spines that grew out of their head, as well as on their wrists and ankles. As a coming of age ritual, each member of the kindred helps in a month long journey to track, hunt, and feast upon one.

From the Skyborne Kindred come many Kroot passionate to leave their new home and travel. Some of the best fighter pilots and Voidmasters come from this world, and even a keen Rogue Trader or two arise to some notoriety.

The Kindred is currently lead by Shaper Kiseth’Arun.
The home system of the Skyborne Kindred is Upwind.

Skyborne Kindred

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