The Tau are the youngest race and can be considered to be the most technologically advance. What they lack in physical might and stature they make up with their intelligence and ability to learn relatively quickly. They range from 1.4 to 1.9m tall and weigh around 45 and 80kg. Their skin is a leathery pale blue. They have a flat face with round eyes can can see into infra-red and ultra-violet, with either an ‘I’ (male) or ‘Y’ (female) facial slit between their eyes. Their hands have four digits and they have cloven feet. Though most of the members of their race that have been encountered have kept their head shaved, they do grow a small amount of hair that can be kept in a top-knot/high pony tail.

Tau society is based around a Caste system often governed by genetics; you could say there are four different subspecies of Tau. The Fire Caste are there warriors and generals, stand at about the height of an average human, and are a bit stronger and tougher than the rest of their race. The Earth Caste are their shortest on average and more adept at understanding and creating technology. The Water Caste, slightly shorter than most humans and somewhat slimmer, are their bureaucrats and traders. The Air Caste stand taller than their Fire Caste and have hollow bones make up their Navy and spacecraft pilots. Even with these distinctions, all Tau possess a better aptitude in logic and reasoning than most humans as well as a sense of working together for the betterment of all sentient races.

Starting Characteristics
WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
20 25 20 25 25 30 25 25 25

Tech-Use, Linguistics (Tau, Low Gothic), Common Lore(Tau), Logic

Darksight: The eyes of a Tau are capable of picking up infra-red and ultra-violet light. They count as having the Darksight rule as long as they are perceiving something with their own eyes, Ex: not a visor, camera, scope, cybereyes, etc.

Lined Up Shot: Because of their visual problem that takes them time to focus on a distance, the Tau have become quite adept at running through the calculations of speed and direction change to compensate. When a Tau takes an Aim action, they get an additional + 5 per half action used, effectively changing the Aim action to + 15/+ 30 to their next attack.

Tau follow a modified Origin Path creation. Instead of based on Homeworld, they are based on the Caste they were born into. They gain the traits listed in any one and the choice replaces any Homeworld spot on the Origin Path.

Fire Caste:

  • Choose Two: +5 WS, +5 BS, +5 Str, +5 T
  • Choose One: -5 Int, -5 Fel
  • Awareness, Scholastic Lore (War), 1 Weapon Prof of Choice
  • Wounds: Natural Toughness Bonus * 2 + 1d5 + 2
  • Fate: 1-6, 2 Fate Points; 7-10, 3 Fate Points

Earth Caste:

  • Choose Two: +5 BS, +5 Int, +5 WP,
  • Choose One: -5 Ag, -5 Fel
  • Trade (Technomat, Armourer/Shipwright), Linguistics (Techna Lingua), Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
  • Wounds: Natural Toughness Bonus * 2 + 1d5 + 1
  • Fate: 1-5, 2 Fate Points; 6-9, 3 Fate Points; 10, 4 Fate Points.

Air Caste:

  • Choose Two: +5 BS, +5 AG, +5 Per
  • Choose One: -5 S, -5 T
  • Trade (Astromancy, Shipwright), Operate (Flyer/Spacecraft), Navigate (Stellar/Warp)
  • Wounds: Natural Toughness Bonus * 2 + 1d5
  • Fate: 1-6, 3 Fate Points; 7-10 4 Fate Points.

Water Caste:

  • Choose Two: +5 Int, +5 Per, +5 Fel
  • Choose One: -5 BS, -5 T
  • Charm/Commerce/Decieve, Linguistics (High Gothic), Scholastic Lore (Administratum), Scrutiny
  • Wounds: Natural Toughness Bonus * 2 + 1d5
  • Fate: 1-3, 2 Fate Point; 4-9, 3 Fate Points; 10, 4 Fate Points

Once they have chosen their Caste, they may choose any of the following choices form the original Origin Path:

  • Birthright – Scavenger, Scapegrace, Stubjack, Savant, Fringe Survivor
  • Lure of the Void – Skip, all Tau in the Koronus Frontier are in space because they want to be away from the Empire.
  • Trials and Travails – Hand of War, Press-Ganged, Calamity, Ship-Lorn, High Vendetta, Lost Worlds, Dark Voyage, Darkness
  • Motivation – Endurance, Fortune, Vengeance, Renown, Pride, Prestige, Exhilaration, Knowledge, Fear

A Tau may not take a Lineage.

Careers: Rogue Trader, Arch-Militant, Explorator, Seneschal, Void Master, Assassin
Preferred Combat – If Tau takes a Career who advances WS more easily than BS, you may swap the advancement tracks. Also at the GM’s discretion, certain melee talents may be swapped for similar ranged talents on a case by case basis.


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