Tyrant Eater Kindred

The Tyrant Eater Kindred hails from the Western edge of the Tau Empire’s domain. They are known for having a strong connection with their subspecies of Knarlocs. Because of the strange bond that Kroot share with their subspecies counterparts, the Knarlocs aided them through great times of need and they have come to revere the Knarloc as much as they do the Kroothawk. As such, they made sure to hunt and expand their Kindred by adding DNA from only the strongest of creatures.

The Tyrant Eater Kindred has had many different offshoot Kindreds over the years. Eventually, the Battlesphere of the main Kindred reached the Koronus Frontier. After they discovered a Death World that housed the creatures they wished to hunt, they were then found by the Imperium. With their wants laid out before them they signed themselves into the Imperium. They’d colonize the Death World, trade with and be observed by the Imperium, while the Imperium protected them and helped them with supplies.

The Tyrant Eater Kindred focuses on great power and fortitude. Many of the Kroot that venture off world are often picked up by mercenary groups or as private bodyguards. On occasion they might go for some other reason or dream, as many are considered stubborn to no end.

The Kindred is currently lead by Shaper Onleak’heng.
The home system of the Tyrant Eater Kindred is insert system name here.

Tyrant Eater Kindred

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