Voidcraft Classifications

With the fact that this game will be taking place in an Alternate Universe of the Warhammer 40,000 setting and that this is going to be focusing on much smaller scale in both monetary means and objective, a new scale of void craft is going to be added into the game: Merchant Category Ships. With this new addition, there are effectively 3 types of Voidcraft in the universe: Flyers, Merchant Ships, and War Vessels.

Flyer is a catch-all term for any craft that can travel in Atmosphere while being smaller than a Merchant Ship. Some are even able to traverse the Void and may be refereed to as Voidcraft. These range from a 15m single seat jet to a 50m flying gun platform. No Flyer is currently capable of Warp travel.

Merchant Ships are Voidcraft designed to be operated by a handful of people and be capable of shipping cargo in fairly large quantities. They run from 150m to 700m in length and come in three classes: Raider, Frigate, and Transport. They are designed to mainly travel the void, but they are made to be able to handle constant exit, reentry, and flight within an atmosphere, though they are unable to hover. These are favoured ships in the Frontier as they use less fuel while transporting enough supplies for a good sized colony. They are also small enough for someone to purchase on loan without having a few planets worth of profit under their belts. These ships can also traverse the Warp, but it is much safer for them to travel through the established Warp Gates.

War Ship are the large scale craft designed to be waging combat in battle zones across the universe. The smallest are 1km long and can range upwards of 12km, if not larger. War Ships consist of Light Cruisers, Cruisers, Battle-cruisers, and Grand Cruisers. They travel effortlessly through the Void and can even handle sustained travel through the Warp, often forging new paths and discovering new systems to expand into. These massive ships are run by a large crew who’s population and morale must be managed. They can traverse the Warp with ease, all while carrying an entire planet’s worth of supplies or a battalion’s armoured division. Only those with deep pockets can afford to purchase and upkeep these large vessels outside of the military.

Voidcraft Classifications

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