The Red Hare

The crew's ship


HULL: Cobra Class Destroyer

SPD 10 MAN +30
DET + 25/+5 HI 30
ARM 15 TUR 1
SPC 35/35 POW 32/45

Adventurous – The ship is eager to plum the depths of the unknown. Grants a +10 bonus to Detection when actively on a mission or job. Otherwise, it suffers a -10 penalty to Detection.


Auger Array M-201.b Array +5 to Detection
Bridge Combat Bridge +10 on Tech-Use tests to Patch Up or Repair
Hold Shadowblind Bay Standard size hold with a hidden storage compartment, -40 to find it
Life Support Vitae Pattern Standard life support
Quarters Voidsmen Quarters Standard crew quarters
Plasma Drive Jovian Class 2 Standard plasma drive
Void Shield Single Array Generates 1 void shield
Gellar Field Emergency Field Activates on a 3+ when suddenly effected by Warp activity
Warp Engine Miloslav G-616.b Halves Warp travel time, tests every 3 days


Jovian Missile Battery
Can only fire every other turn.

Slot Prow
Strength 5
Damage 1d10+1
Critical 6
Range 6

Disruptor Cannon
Non-lethal, ignores armour, but not Void Shields. For every 5 damage dealt, one random system becomes unpowered.

Slot Dorsal
Strength 3
Damage 1d10+1
Critical -
Range 5

Hydraphuran Jamming System
A violent anti-scanning system. While activated, it makes Silent Running impossible, but all Focused Augury tests suffer a -20 penalty.


The Red Hare

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