Serafina Winters

Explorator Bodyguard with a grandious idea.

Name: Serafina Winters Alias(es): P.A.W.N.C.H. Gender: Female
Age: 32 Height: 175cm Weight 82kg
Race: Human Career(s): Explorator, Manhunter Ship Role: Enginseer Prime
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
34 43 38 45 31 63 35 34 27
Movement Wounds Fate Points Insanity Corruption
5/10/15/30 16 5 14 8
Skill Bonus Skill Bonus
Athletics 1/2 Intimidate 1/2
Awareness +0 Linguistics (Explorator Binary) +0
Common Lore (Tech) +0 (Low Gothic) +0
(Machine Cult) +0 (Techna Lingua) +0
(Koronus Frontier) +0 (Rogue Trader) +0
(Underworld) +0 Logic +0
Deceive 1/2 Medicae +0
Diplomacy 1/2 Parry 1/2
Dodge +0 Scrutiny 1/2
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +0 Stealth 1/2
(Adeptus Mechanicus) +0 Tech-Use +10
(Inner Workings) +10 Trade (Technomat) +0
(Xenos) +0 (Armourer) +0

Experience: 9700
To Spend: 400
Elite Points: 0/900

Stranger to the Cult – -10 on tests involving knowledge of the Imperial Creed, -5 on Fellowship tests with Ecclesiarchy
Mechanicus Implants – Has a variety of intricate cybernetics, hands count as data ports, +20 vs airborne toxins and gases, and other things

Technical Knock – Can unjam as a Half Action, though only once per round
Logis Implant – Reaction Tech use for + 10 WS and BS for one round, Toughness or gain a level of fatigue
Ranged Weapon Training (Pistol, Basic, SP, Las, Bolt)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Shocking)
Renowned Weapon: Ironclaw Shotgun – Explorers gain + 10 bonus on recognizing the weapon, can spend a Fate Point to regain the weapon if lost.
Renowned Weapon: Deadly – All attacks I make with the weapon gain + 1 damage.
Deadeye Shot – Only a -10 for Called Shots
Take Them Alive – W/ Called Shot can reduce damage by up to PER Bonus to grants that many levels of fatigues. Enemy gets no bonus for armour on Shocking tests and -10 on Snare tests.
Autosanguine – Always count as lightly wounded for natural healing, naturally heal at twice rate.
Prosanguine – Meditate for 10min, Tech-Use to heal 1d5 wounds. 96+ causes the implant to fail, making Autosanguine and Prosanguine unusable for one week.
Interwoven Fate – When you spend a Fate Point, an ally within 3m gains + 5 to a roll they make on their next turn.
Maglev Grace – 1/rest, half action sustain to hover for 1d10 + TB minutes or fall safely to reduce damage to 1d10 + 3 I.
Total Recall – Can remember some facts automatically, might need an Int check on some thing.
Sound Constitution 1/4 – +1 Wound per rank

Subskin Armour – +2 AP to Body, Arms, and Legs
Bionic Arm, Good Quality – Left Arm has +2 TB, +10 STR, +10 to AGI tests
Cranial Armour – +1 AP to Head

Flak Armour – 4 all, counts as 5 against Blast
01-10 Head 4+1/4+5
11-20 Right Arm 4+2/4+6
21-30 Left Arm 6+2/6+6
31-70 Body 4+2/4+6
71-85 Right Leg 4+2/4+6
85-00 Left Leg 4+2/4+6

Poor Quality Fiendish Recoil Ceres-Pattern Bolt Carbine
Basic, 90m, Clip 12, Reload Full
S/2/-, 1d10+5 X, Pen 4, Tearing, no Hit bonus on SA/FA

Fiendish Recoil Ironclaw Shotgun “Leverage”
Basic, 30m, Clip 12, Reload Full
S/2/-, 1d10+5 I, Pen 0, Reliable, Scatter, no Hit bonus on SA/FA

Locke-Pattern Laspistol
Pistol, 60m, Clip 30, Reload Full
S/-/-, 1d10+2 E, Pen 1, Felling(1), Reliable, Variable Setting

Good Quality Monoknife
Primitive, 1h, 9m(12m)
1d5+3(4) R, Pen 2, +5 Attack and Parry

Best Quality Shock Glove
1d10+5 I, Pen 0, Shocking, +10 Hit and Parry

Smoke x2 12m, 3d10m Radius, 2d10 rounds.

12×1 Bolts
12×4 + 1 Shot (scatter)
12×2 + 1 Slugs (+1 damage, +2 pen)

Combitool – +10 Tech Use
Sugical Kit – +10 Medicae
Best Quality Dataslate
Weapon Maintenance Kit
Mechanicus Robes
Street Clothes
Backpack – carries up to 50kg
Jump-Start bracers
First Aid Kit
Good Quality Manipulator Mechadendrite (to sell)


Medical Servo Skull

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 00
Movement Wounds
Flier 6/12/18/36 4

Talents and Traits
Fearless, Darksight, Machine (2), Size (Puny[-20]), Medical Tools

+10 Awareness
T Dodge
+20 Medicae
+10 Stealth


WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
Home World Forge World
Birthright Heretek
Lure of the Void Fated for Greatness
Trials and Travails Dark Secret
Motivation Endurance
Career Explorator

Serafina Winters grew up on a fairly normal Forge World like many people of the Imperium do. They occasionally traded with aliens, had to evacuate because of factory fires, but all in all it was a fairly normal life. Unlike her parents, who were bog-standard assembly line members, she showed great penchant and ingenuity when it came to technological devices. As such, she was given the chance to join the hallowed ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus. She took the offer and she never regretted it.

It was tough and painful, of course, but it was all for a better life. Sera did well, learned a lot, and showed that she had a penchant at the firing range as well as the design table. She quickly gained rankings within the Skitarii, the defence forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, armed with some of the best equipment made. This then led her to her first time on a voidcraft, protecting some valuable cargo that was made for trade.

This trip was very pleasant and nothing of note happened.

But the thing was, Serafina got framed for something she didn’t actually do. And this led to a very bad series of events, which resulted in her stealing some gear and running away. Far, far away. All the way to the barely inhabited (respective to the rest of the Imperium) Kronus Frontier, where hopefully no one would ever find her. Luckily, her great, great, great grandfather Justantine Winters was out there and lent a hand to her. It was work and shelter, which is all she really wanted at the moment, even if it was sometimes for unscrupulous things.

But she knows that someday, something great will happen. Something important that only she can do will be required. And that is the day she lives for.

Serafina Winters

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