The Eldar are one of the oldest races in the universe. They stand at about 1.9m to 2.7m tall and weigh between 40kg and 70kg. Their body structure is long and lanky. They have very sharp facial features and pale skin. Their hair varies in colour from human standards to other stranger ones, and varies in length, though most of the time, long hair is worn in a high ponytail.

Psychologically, the Eldar are quite arrogant. They tend to think that they are above many other races as per their heritage and connection to the Warp. They have a very large psychic footprint and the entire race is somewhat psychic, though not all can conjure powers. They have a deep correlation with the fate of the universe and believe that they are the ones that need to protect it, interfering in Imperial matters when they decide it’s best.

The Eldar of the Koronus Frontier, however, are a bit different in demeanor. Many are Exodites, Eldar that have forsaken their Craftworlds before the Fall and the birth of Slaanesh. These are much more peaceful and do not have technology as advanced as their Craftworld brethren. Other Eldar that have settled are mostly the last remains of a dead Craftworld, left without a Bonesinger. Then there are those on the journey of the Outcast and wish to spend their time within the Imperium before making their journey back.

Eldar characters are created using a modified version of the statistics on the Dark Trader Wiki.

Starting Characteristics
WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 25 20 20 30 25 25 30 25

Wounds: 2x Toughness Bonus + 1d5 + 1
Fate: 1 point on 1-3, 2 points on 4-7, 3 points on 8-10

Choose a Path
  • Corsair: +5 WS or BS, +5 Agi, Commerce and Pilot are trained skills.
  • Exodite: +5 T, +5 Per, Survival and Common Lore (Koronus Frontier) are Trained skills.
  • Craftworlder: Allocate 10 points to your characteristics as you choose, up to +5 in a single stat. If the Willpower upgrade path costs more than your Per upgrade path, swap them.
Racial Traits, Skills, and Talents

Gain Peer (Eldar), Linguistics(Eldar, Low Gothic), and Scholastic Lore (Eldar) talents. Treat Psynicience as a Basic Skill. All Eldar have a Psyrating of 0 and cannot utilize powers unless it increases. All Eldar have “Brook No Insult” towards those they consider lesser beings. All Eldar have Unnatural Agility (+3).

Non-Imperial: -10 to all Common Lore, Forbidden Lore, and Scholastic Lore tests relating to the Imperium. All Medicae tests done by non-Eldar on an Eldar recieve a -10 penalty, though Scholastic Lore (Eldar) negates this penalty.

Soulstones: The Eldar psychic presence, or their ‘soul’, is many times more powerful than a humans. And with the threat of Slaanesh always on their minds, they have taken the liberty of making sure they will not let her win. At birth, an Elder is crafted a small gem in which their soul is infused into. This way, Slaanesh will not get their soul when they die, as well as aid in stopping the effects of Corruption upon their soul. They still attain corruption as normal, but follow the Path of Damnation (pg73 in the Radical’s Handbook) as their character degenerates into utter madness, though they reroll any result that gives a Mutation. But should an Eldar loose contact with their Soulstone, they are driven into a mad frenzy to obtain it. They gain the effects of Hatred and Frenzy when applicable, and suffer 1d5 Insanity points for every month of separation. A new one can be crafted for a hefty price at an Eldar colony or purchased at auction or on the black market.

There is also a list of specific Eldar Traits. Each description includes the Rank and Experience Point cost required to purchase them.


Careers: Rogue Trader, Arch-Militant, Psyker, Seneschal, Void Master, Mercenary, Assassin

Altered Career
Astropath Transcendent → Psyker: Eldar psykers are not uncommon. However, since they have better control over their psychic powers from decades of training and generations of tradition, there is no need to bind their soul. The Eldar know that if they use their powers wantonly, Slaanesh will surely feast upon their soul. For their psychic power use, they use their own special power chart. Otherwise, they start with the same ability as the Astropath Transcendent, though do not have the See Without Eyes ability. They get to start with any one discipline and two powers from it (with the same limitations as normal), as well Astrotelepathy.

All other Careers without Psyniscience and Resistance (Psychic) on their lists add them at Rank 2 for 200 Experience and Rank 4 for 500 Experience respectively.


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