If a man is only as good as his equipment, then an Explorator can be considered a paragon. These members of the Adeptus Mechanicus have graduated from their academic endeavours to explore the galaxies, wherever their leads may take them. They hold great knowledge on the workings of many technological devices as well as the passion to discover and engineer new technologies. Part archeologist of lost technologies and part mechanic of the highest caliber, they form a potent and varied roll amongst any crew.

Starting Skills:
Same as book, but swap all Lore with your own choices.

Starting Talents:
Mechanicus Implants, Logis Implant, Melee Proficiency (Primitive), Ranged Proficiency (Pistol, Basic, SP, Las), choose one of Ranged Proficiency (Bolt), Ranged Proficiency (Melta), or Ranged Proficiency (Plasma).

Starting Equipment:
Good Quality Mono-Knife
A Pistol of worth up to 80$$ and Scarce Availability.
A Basic weapon of worth up to 100$$ and Scarce Availability.
Poor Quality Ceres-Pattern Bolt Carbine or Voss-Pattern Meltagun or Kronos MkIII Plasma Pistol w/ 1 clip and a downgrade chosen by the GM (not Scavenged , Poor Manufacture, or Cursed Metal). This downgrade can be removed by it’s own Refurbish test.
Common Quality Flak Armour or Poor Quality Light Carapace
A Charm, some normally insignificant thing that the character holds important
Combitool, Microbead, Best Quality Dataslate, Weapon Maintenance Kit, Servo-Skull Familiar, a set of Mechanicus Robes, a set of Street Clothes, upwards of 4d5 x 5$$

Career Ability
As book, but chosen Bionics/Cybernetics are up to GM approval.


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