Even in the darkest reaches of space, the Emperor’s Light shines bright. The Missionary is the pedestal on which his light shines. Backed with holy scriptures and a fervent belief in the Emperor, the Missionary can tend to the wounded and join them on the fields of battle at a moment’s notice. Among the masses he brings hope, a beacon that promises a better life. Even though they are men and women of the cloth, they will fight to the death to uphold and protect their beliefs and those that can’t protect themselves.

Starting Skills:
Same as book, but swap all Lore with your own choices.

Starting Talents:
Pure Faith, Unshakeable Faith, Melee Proficiency (Primitive), Ranged Proficiency (Pistol, Basic, SP, Las), and one of Ranged Proficiency (Flame) or Melee Proficiency (Chain) or Melee Proficiency (Shock).

Starting Equipment:
Good Quality Mono-Knife
A Pistol of worth up to 80$$ and Scarce Availability.
A Basic weapon of worth up to 80$$ and Scarce Availability.
A Melee of worth up to 100$$ and Scarce Availability or a Common Quality Mezoa Pattern Flamer.
Good Quality Heavy Leather Coat or Common Quality Light Flak Coat
A Charm, some normally insignificant thing that the character holds important
Set of Priest Robes, set of Street Clothes, Microbead, Throian Missal, Good Quality Dataslate (Text), Upwards of 4d5 x 5 $$

Career Ability
As per the book.


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