Rogue Trader

In the harsh and unforgiving frontier, strength of arms alone will not let you survive. For every war that must be fought, there must be guns to fight them with. Striking deals and stealing hearts, the Rogue Trader is a paragon of quick wit and force of personality. Why fight the brute when you can offer him a share to help beat up his own boss? Money makes the universe flow, and the trade routes are the Rogue Trader’s lifeblood. Time to strike it rich. Besides, someone needs to push these degenerates in the right direction.

Starting Skills:
Same as book, gain Parry, and swap all Lore with your own choices.

Starting Talents:
Air of Authority, Melee Proficiency (Primitive), Ranged Proficiency (Pistol, SP, Las), and either Melee Proficiency (Chain) or Melee Proficiency (Shocking).

Starting Equipment:
Good Quality Mono-Knife.
A Pistol of worth up to 80$$ and Scarce Availability.
A Primitive, Shock, or Chain weapon worth up to 100$$ and Scarce Availability or a second Pistol as purchased above.
Good Quality Heavy Leather Coat or Common Quality Light Flak Coat.
A Charm, some normally insignificant thing that the character holds important
Microbead, a set of Street Clothes, a set of Fine Clothes, Good Quality Dataslate (Text), Warrant of Trade, upwards of 4d5 x 10 $$.

Career Ability
As per the book.

Rogue Trader

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