Skill Changes

This is the list of all the skills.

Acrobatics (Agi) – Acrobatics, Contortionist Navigation (Per)
Athletics (Str) – Climb, Swim Operate (Agi)- Drive, Pilot
Awareness (Per) – Awareness, Search Parry (WS)
Commerce (Int, Fel) – Barter, Commerce, Evaluate Performer (Fel)
Common Lore (Int) Psynisience (WP)
Deceive (Fel)- Blather, Decieve, Gamble Scholastic Lore (Int)
Diplomacy (Fel) – Charm, Command Scrutiny (Per)
Dodge (Agi) Security (Agi)
Forbidden Lore (Int) Sleight of Hand (Agi)
Intimidate (Str, Int, Fel) Stealth (Agi) – Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing
Linguistics (Int) – Ciphers, Secret Tongue, Speak Language Survival (Int) – Survival, Tracking, Wrangling
Logic (Int) – Logic, Tactics, Gamble Tech-Use (Int) – Demolitions, Tech-Use
Medicae (Int) Trade (Varies) – Chymest renamed Chemist, Chem-Use rolled into Chemist

Since the creation of the game, they have changed Parry from an inherent function of Weapon Skill into a skill of it’s own, functioning much like Dodge. As such, it needs to be added into career ranks. Rogue Trader, Mercenary, and Freeboota start trained in Parry and can purchase Parry +10 at Rank 2 and Parry +20 at Rank 4 for standard costs. Arch-Militant, Assassin, Missionary, Void Master, and Wierd Boy can purchase Parry at Rank 2, Parry +10 at Rank 4, and Parry +20 at Rank 5 for standard costs. Explorator, Navigator, Psyker, and Seneschal can purchase Parry at Rank 2, Parry +10 at Rank 5, and Parry +20 at rank 7 for standard costs.

When swapping in Gambling, you choose to gain either Deceive or Logic. Certain skills have also been modified so that you can use different characteristics based on how you role-play. This is following similar rules as Intimidate, where you can use Strength, Intellect, or Fellowship, depending on how you plan to Intimidate the target. These include: Commerce can use either Intellect or Fellowship to show whether you are being shrewd and calculative or to try and appeal to subjective characteristics.

Skill Changes

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