Void Master

A ship is nothing more than a floating hunk of scrap if there’s not one to operate it. Enter the Void Master, paragon of all things voidcraft. Their specialties lie in their training of how to pull the utmost from any given ship. Either from growing up amongst crew or training for the specific position, using the ship’s components is just like moving their legs or using their eyes. Very few are better at their jobs than a Void Master

Starting Skills:
Same as book, but swap all Lore with your own choices.

Starting Talents:
Nerves of Steel, Melee Proficiency (Primitive, Shock), Ranged Proficiency (Pistol, SP, Las)

Starting Equipment:
Good Quality Mono-Knife
A Pistol of worth up to 80$$ and Scarce Availability.
A Melee weapon of worth up to 100$$ and Scarce Availability.
Common Quality Flak Jacket or Flak Greatcoat
A Charm, some normally insignificant thing that the character holds important
Microbead, former Imperial Navy Uniform or set of Street Clothes, Pict-Recorder, Vox-Caster, Good Quality Dataslate (Text), up to 4d5 x 5 $$

Career Ability
As per book.

Void Master

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