Character Creation


The Characteristic Generation for this game will be changed so that you do not suffer from not rolling the stats you want your character to have. Instead of rolling your Characteristics in order with one reroll, you will be able to roll and place each result in the Characteristic you wish with no reroll whatsoever. When generating your character, your first set of stats is what you are stuck with.


As an Explorer takes increases in their Toughness stat, they gain an additional wound, like taking a rank of Sound Constitution.


Because of the nature of this system, movement is sometimes very restricted since it is based off a single statistic. In order to increase playability, the base movement rate is increased by 2, making it Agility Bonus + 2 meters. This value is then multiplied up based on the type of movement made: x2 for a Full Action Move, x3 for a Charge, and x6 for a Run.


Each Explorer starts with a small compliment of weapons, armour, and gear. Amongst this is a very vague sounding entry of clothes. This is a standard outfit that can be described in a variety of ways, but doesn’t contain anything that would imply any statistical modification. Included amongst the things that are suitable as clothes are belt pouches for holding ammo and such small things. Your characters are no strangers to combat and it would be considered common sense for them to have them. In addition, whenever a weapon is purchased (not necessarily found or scavenged) it comes with a matching holster, scabbard, or sling-strap as appropriate.

Leftover Funds

When purchasing a weapon that has a listed cost limit (like a Basic weapon up to 100$$ and Scarce quality), some of the funds that are left over are rolled over to your character’s starting funds. However much is left over, you get to keep half of it. This means if you didn’t want that Basic weapon that was previously discussed, you can just roll over 50$$ into your starting funds.

Character Creation

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