Eldar Traits

Grace of Isha
The Eldar are more in tune with their psychic selves than the physical. The severity of wounds they suffer (insofar as humans understand it) has much more to do with the damage to the spirits than the body. Whenever an Eldar PC with this trait benefits from a Medicae test (including those administered to themselves) they may choose to roll a WP test. Each degree of success grants a temporary wound. Each degree of failure is a penalty to the number of wounds healed. The number of temporary wounds cannot cause the Eldar’s current total (real and temporary) wounds exceed his maximum. This can also be used when healing with a Fate Point. The GM may impose a penalty to this test where he deems appropriate.

Rank 2, 500 experience.

Speed of Asuryan
The otherworldly speed of the Eldar is their most defining trait. Their untrained civilians are capable of striking with speed and grace to match the mighty Astartes. Once per turn, as long as the Eldar has his Unnatural Agility and hasn’t used his Reaction, he may make one extra Reaction or Half Action Attack, followed by an Agility test. Success deems that his current Reaction has not been used and may use it as normal. Failure causes the action to still go off as normal, but his Reaction is spent. Penalties may apply as the GM sees fit.

Rank 3, 500 experience

Wrath of Khaine
As the Eldar grow nearer to perfect comprehension of one style of combat, their resonance with the mighty war-god Khaine becomes keener. Channeling this infinite pool of proficiency, Eldar are capable of otherworldly martial feats. A Character with this trait may substitute the use of their Willpower Bonus instead of Strength Bonus when dealing Damage in close combat.

Rank 4, 500 experience.

Wisdom of Vaul
The Eldar society has existed longer than any other save the Necrontyr. The learning of their race is impossibly vast, and birth into such a society guarantees that all manner of exotic (and occasionally dangerous) esoteria may be held within their minds. Eldar treat all Forbidden Lore and Scholastic Lore tests as Basic Skills, subject to the “Non-Imperial” trait.

Rank 5, 500 experience.

Serenity of Cegorach
The Laughing God is a powerful and mysterious figure in Eldar myth. The Foiler of Plans is a great nemesis to Tzeentch himself, and a constant thorn in the side of Slaanesh. Cegorach is the consummate trickster, guiding his favorites through tangling and improbable strands of destiny. An Eldar with this trait may choose to re-roll a single failed Reaction roll per turn. If the results of this second roll is worse than the first the Character may not benefit from this Trait for the remainder of the encounter.

Rank 6, 500 experience.

Eldar Traits

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