Gate Station

With the advancement of the Gates coming to fruition, space travel has never been easier. These large, ring shaped devices act like giant, stabilized Warp Drives and Geller Fields, creating what could be considered a tunnel between one gate and another. At hourly intervals, the Gates change which location they are linked to as to provide all who need to pass an orderly way to get to the location of their wishing.

Each Gate Station is actually three separate pieces: a Departure Gate, an Arrival Gate, and the Gate Station.

  • The Departure Gate creates the one way corridor to another station’s Arrival Gate. Regardless of the actual direction of the target (the Warp not necessarily obeying the laws of any dimensions) all passage happens in one direction as passing through the other side could have adverse effects.
  • The Arrival Gate is the exit for other Gate Stations. They are kept active at all times and don’t make any hard connections with other gates. Ships can exit through either end of the Gate and sometimes corridors merge together in the immaterium.
  • The Station is the control node for the Gates. It powers the Gates while it controls how the Departure Gate connects to other Gates. It also acts as a rest and refueling station for ships and travelers, and interstellar truck stop of sorts.

Gates are noted on the map by a white ring with a set of trisecting lines.

Gate Station

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