The Rift of Grendel

Back when the Repsiden Dynasty first forded into the Kroronus Frontier, they had expanded much further then what they hold now. Their quick expansion granted them a visit from St. Grendel of the Calixis Sector. He wished to give his blessings and good tidings to the Dynasty. Repsiden was so pleased that he requisitioned a temple world to be crafted, in honor of St. Grendel and to let the Ministorum have a steeping stone into the Frontier. Repsiden even let St. Grendel choose the planet himself. He decided upon the planet of Wenmark, along the northern edge of Repsiden’s Fording. Construction began almost immediately, with St. Grendel watching over the construction personally, blessing the materials himself. Soon after, tears in the fabric of reality formed, sucking Wenmark and many other planets into the immaterium.

This is where it seems the facts end and the rumors begin.

Some say that out in the Frontier the boundaries between the material realm and the immaterium are thinner and the daemons lashed out at the enemy they have hated for so long. Others say St. Grendel and his entourage stumbled upon a cult of warp worshipers, which they tried to stop, sacrificing themselves to save the Frontier from a worse fate. A small few say that he has forsaken the ways of the Emperor and caused the tear himself. Others say he is still alive, fighting on against the daemons in the warp, protecting us from damnation. All that is currently known is that most of the temple and the blessed building materials were able to be moved from their original planet to New Wenmark. And as of the most recent 50 years, the baleful energies have seemed to lessened, lost planets have begun to reappear from the holes in reality.

Planets of the Rifts of Grendel
Wenmark New Wenmark Saketh Fandor

The Rift of Grendel

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